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Well this game is good for you! Ski-Daddle the free iOS game of epic skiing! Ski your way past trees, abysses, holes, and other maniac skiers! Collect coins to upgrade your characters' skis and clothing style! There 6 different skis to collect that increasing get better to help your player maneuver. The farther you ski down the mountain the more challenging the obstacles become! You can race against up to six coms for coins as prizes! Unlock Extreme Mode by reaching a high score of larger than 15000!

Normal Mode

In Normal mode the goal is to get as far down the mountain as possible without hitting any trees, falling in an abysses, or colliding with other skiers! Ice can make you slip and speed up (which can sometimes be good and sometimes bad). As a bonus try collecting the coins for future upgrades of different clothing or skis that will help improve your maneuverability and speed. First you will find gold coins that are worth 1 coin, but after you reach a score of over 10,000 blue coins will begin to appear that are worth 3 coins each. Then after 20,000 red coins will appear that are worth 5 coins each and so on. You may also come across green coins that if touched will chop down all the trees on the screen.

       While moving down the mountain the player will encounter special "formations" of abysses, ice, and coins. These can be very plentiful in coins or result in death. Other maniac skiers will also charge down the hill sometimes trying to hit you. If you hit another skier you will crash and burn! Rarely a player will encounter a snowman going down the hill. If you crash into that snowman you will surely get a good reward.


          To race you must wage 25, 50, or 100 coins to play either easy, medium, or hard! The player can choose to race up to 6 opponents! The prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place increase the higher the difficulty and the more opponents you face. The only difference between normal mode and racing is that in racing you can't die.