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Well this game is for you! Ski your way past trees, big holes, and even an octopus! (The octopus part was a lie). Collect coins to buy new skis and customize your character!

 Control your player too avoid trees, collect coins, and to avoid holes. Then you can use your coins to purchase 6 different skis that get better and customize your characters equipment and cloths. Also complete achievements to collect coins faster.

System Requirements:


Island Escape

Jimbo was marooned on an island far out in the ocean, but he can see Mexico in the distance. Help him swim all the way with out getting bit by sharks, pinched by crabs, hit by a boat,or stung by a jellyfish. Use the ASWD keys or touch to run off the island and start swimming. Collect coins to gain power ups that will help you on your way to Mexico. 

System Requirements: None

Dodge The Blox

You are a lone wanderer in a galaxy far far away. Blocks are being pelted at you from one angle. Your only hope for survival is he power-ups coming your way. Achieve high-scores to unlock new game modes. You must survive.

System Requirements: